21 February 2023
2 min read

Welcoming aarnâ new dao members

It's been a crazy year at aarnâ as we continue to build an alpha discovery platform - the first of its kind web3 native on-chain decentralized asset management platform. We are on a mission to decentralize the alpha value chain, and we believe that it is vital for managing risk and rewards for all crypto and web3 participants and essential for mainstream crypto and DeFi into the future.

The three components of the aarnâ protocol ecosystem are the front end aarnâ engine of the intelligent dApp (join our beta), the aarnâ tokenization platform (which is getting into security audit shortly), and the aarnâ dao which will bring together human expertise and AI for creating alpha via â_fi crypto structured products, leveraging composable DeFi strategies.

Safe to say that we are one step closer to our mission as we welcome our first members of aarnâ dâo, Nitin Gaur and Simon Dingle.

Nitin is a leader in fintech, who has helped and built technologies for the Fortune 500 companies. Nitin is an expert in demystifying and distilling complex ideas into simplified presentations. Currently he serves as the global head in Digital Asset and Technology Design at State Street. His list of publications and his accomplishments as a global speaker is immense. Nitin also holds 100+ patents. Nitin strongly believes in our thesis of the criticality of a web3 native on-chain asset management platform for responsibly putting the power of participative wealth management in users hands. Nitin’s deep experience will help shape aarnâ dao’s governance mechanism as he joins us as our first Council Member.

Simon, our first Alpha Creator comes from a background in crypto and fintech. He is a two time author and currently works as the founder of Inves Capital. Having worked with some major crypto projects like Luno(formerly BitX), Binary, etc. in the past and helped in product development, he comes with immense experience, and is an OG in the space. Simon’s recent book ‘Beyond Bitcoin’ explores the ….DeFi …. Simon resonates strongly with aarnâ’s mission and is committed to creating structured products for autonomous alpha discovery, and lending us a helping hand in realising our purpose.

We’re getting ready to launch aarnâ protocol. Our engine beta is already live, join us to see the difference in our approach to responsible & decentralized asset management. We’d love to get all your feedback as we put the platform together. Please email your feedback to us on [email protected], or dm us on Twitter @aarnasays.


What is DeFi ? Decentralised Finance or DeFi is an emerging field in crypto. It represents a system that is not governed by a centralized management. The users or investors are always in complete control of their assets and do not have to transfer the custody of their funds to an intermediary

What is a dao ? Decentralized Autonomous Organization or dao is a governance structure for the upcoming web3 projects. Instead of a centralised authority, a group of people with a common goal take decisions for the organisation. Anyone can join a dao and participate in the governance. The process of decision making is executed by an on-chain consensus mechanism by a smart contract.

What is autonomous alpha discovery ? Alpha returns made possible by an AI predictive model by studying and analysing information, market insights and sentiments.

What are crypto structured products ? Investment strategies or products made by combining underlying digital assets in a proportion that increases the returns and hedges against potential market risks.

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