13 April 2023
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aarnâ early user rewards program

aarnâ early user rewards program >>

TLDR > aarnâ’s Early User Rewards Program is a great opportunity for early adopters to earn rewards while contributing to the growth of aarnâ protocol. By connecting their wallets and exchanges, managing crypto & DeFi portfolio, doing transactions on various integrated DeFi protocols, being active during the beta, users can earn up to 50 AARN and be whitelisted for an airdrop when the token is released. And most exciting, by investing in the alpha discovery â_fi vaults, users could have transaction fees waived, and also earn more AARN . If you're interested in DeFi and want to be part of the future of decentralized asset management, join the aarnâ beta today!

aarnâ protocol, a next-generation decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, is offering an exciting Early User Rewards Program for beta testers who contribute to the protocol's growth. The program will reward users in AARN , the native token of the platform, and is designed to incentivize genuine early adopters who bring usage, and assets under management (AUM), and total value locked (TVL) to aarnâ.

earn 50 AARNA >

Under the program, users will be eligible for up to 50 AARNA tokens and will be whitelisted for an airdrop when the token is released. The rewards will follow a contribution-based system that encourages users to connect their wallets and centralized exchanges to the aarnâ engine for portfolio management, do transactions on various integrated top DeFi protocols directly from Aarnâ, and be active during the 3-month beta by doing transactions on various integrated top DeFi protocols directly from aarnâ. This includes popular protocols such as Uniswap, Compound, Aave, and Ribbon among others, including liquid staking on Lido. By using aarnâ as a single platform for their DeFi transactions, users can save time and reduce the complexity of managing multiple protocols. As beta users, they will be among the first to experience the platform's advanced features and provide valuable feedback to the aarnâ team.

access to aarnâ AI >

Users can use the earned tokens to subscribe to aarnâ AI, the machine learning and AI driven recommendation system of the protocol. The monthly access fees of $25 would be waived for the beta period by utilizing 5 AARN tokens to access the AI engine.

alpha discovery â_fi vaults >

At the heart of aarnâ protocol is its smart tokenization engine comprising six smart contracts that create â_fi vaults that help users discover alpha. Users who invest in the â_fi vaults will be eligible for higher rewards, and can also use 1 AARN for every $500 investment in â_fi to offset transaction fees of 1%, up to a max of $5000. High value users who contribute investments for more than $10,000 will be rewarded 10 AARN for every $5000. For users who stay invested longer in â_fi vaults, aarnâ would be launching the â_fi time lock staking, which would add on top APY of up to 18% for early users.

The alpha discovery â_fi vaults are a unique feature of the aarnâ platform that enable users to invest in multiple DeFi strategies as per their goals - actively managed or passive, yield optimization or high value growth, or even algorithmically structured products. By investing in these vaults, users can potentially earn higher returns while diversifying their portfolio.

join aarnâ beta >

The Early User Rewards Program is a win-win for both aarnâ and its early adopters. By offering rewards to genuine early users who bring usage & feedback, and AUM and TVL to the platform, aarnâ can attract more users, make the protocol better, and grow its ecosystem. At the same time, early users can earn rewards and be among the first to experience the platform's advanced features. To participate in the Early User Rewards Program, users can sign up for the aarnâ beta by joining aarnâ engine here

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