17 February 2023
2 min read
âfi staking and time-lock program

a_fi staking and time-lock program

â_fi structured products are at the core of the alpha discovery mechanism of aarnâ protocol. Through â_fi aarnâ tokenizes and brings the best crypto & DeFi strategies for users in the most simplified way. We are keen to get early users to benefit from our â_fi products. Beyond market gains and passive yield optimization built in to â_fi products, we would like to reward early â_fi users with on-top staking rewards.

invest now and stay invested for long. The â_fi staking and time lock program rewards earliest investors highest, and even more for staying invested in â_fi longer. Locking in your â_fi invested during the beta phase, and up to 12 months can earn up to 18.75% staking rewards.

As a simple illustration, if a user invests in any â_fi product during the beta phase, and locks it in for 6 months, she can get 15% APY on top. And for locking in for 12 months, 18.75%. Whereas a user who invests after the beta, say in month 5, the he will get an APY of 11.4% for locking for 6 months and 14.25% for 12 months lock.

top-up yields are contingent on the stage at which the investor locks in their a_fi and the time period of the lock. All payouts will be in $AARN tokens, at the time of token release. All eligible users and staking rewards are whitelisted and recorded from now, as the beta commences.

limited staking rewards supply. Most good things don’t have an unending supply, and that holds true for â_fi staking. Though availability of $AARN token pool during the beta phase is weighted significantly higher than later phases, to reward more to our earliest users and to reward more users too, still there is limited availability of 1.2% or 1.2 million $AARN tokens for the beta. So, make sure you get on â_fi soonest and make sure you stake and lock earliest.launch and get the best returns.

get notified for â_fi as soon as the first set of â_fi productd are released, and as soon as the â_fi staking and time lock program is live. sign up here and also join our discord channel or our telegram.

and meanwhile, connect your wallet and start using the superb aarnâ engine dApp. Try the alpha and be part of alpha discovery and also be rewarded for your contribution for being an early user. aarnâ is the next gen of DeFi.

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