12 May 2022
2 min read
How to Invest in DeFi

Starting with basics, DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. It is a blanket term for a collection of blockchain-based financial solutions. The concept is to allow anyone with access to the internet to lend, borrow, and bank without the use of middlemen. One of the most rapidly emerging sections of the blockchain and decentralized web ecosystem is DeFi.

DeFi is driven by blockchain, the technology that powers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, in which a set of entities, rather than a single one, keeps track of transactions. DeFi, on the other hand, expands the definition of these activities beyond simple transfers to provide more complex financial processes.

The Ethereum framework, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, is being used to build DeFi applications. The applications are utilized to produce sophisticated financial transactions. Ethereum’s propensity for smart contracts, executing transactions automatically, allows this to happen.

Investing in DeFi

You can earn more crypto by investing in DeFi in multiple ways. The three most popular investment choices are:

  1. Buy And Sell Tokens, which enables you to obtain DeFi currency at a cheaper price and sell it when the price rises, as it does with most cryptocurrencies.

  2. The second alternative is Interest-Earning, in which you join a lending platform and lend your money to borrowers instead of interest. Always double-check the platform before releasing your money.

  3. Yield Farming is another approach for investment, enabling you to transfer your crypto assets between multiple projects to equip the network with the needed liquidity to facilitate transactions while earning interest.

The diversity of investment opportunities and growth in the market makes DeFi an attractive and potentially very lucrative investment.

However, if you know which measures to take and which tools to use, this process may be relatively simple.

So be ready to get started because we’ll tell you three basic steps that are everything you need to know before you dive into the DeFi world.

1. Creating a Wallet

Your crypto wallet is a digital storage location for the cryptocurrencies you’ll need to partake in DeFi protocols.

2. Buy Crypto Coins

To engage in DeFi protocols, you’ll need crypto coins. Ether coins or ERC-20 tokens are considered a good option since most protocols are built on Ethereum.

3. Get into Protocols

When working with a protocol, the basic workflow is to go to their website or app, connect your wallet so that their platform can view your cryptocurrency, and follow their instructions to initiate trading, yield farming, or whatever else the protocol was created for.

Some protocols allow investors to lend crypto, trade crypto, stake (or lock up) crypto for a return, participate in liquidity pools and generate income when trades are completed in their pools and engage in yield farming, among other things.

There are currently over 100 DeFi projects in the crypto space. As a result, identifying the appropriate project, particularly for new investors, can be difficult. Take the first step and then read up on crypto ownership, storage, and investing for beginners. Once you take this step, you’ll be good to go!

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